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Our organization posses its own design department, that united leading constructors, that are able to implement work of any complicacy quickly and qualitative. Also, we design and produce different special-purpose equipment on your request.

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Новые разработки

At the moment the engineering department of our company designs the following articles:

  1. SHEARS FOR LENGTH CUTTING of galvanized strip for bands of 137mm intended for using at machines for spiral-folded pipes production. The shears can be compared with the uncoiler produced by our company. On the outlet the cut bands are hanked in separate coils, intended for installation on the lathe. The mentioned band length is base value, but we are ready to consider other band length values on request.

  2. UNCOILER is intended for feed of sheet material placed in reel to worktable of guillotine shears for cutting-to-length and to worktable of roller shears for length cutting.

  3. MULTI-PURPOSE PROFILEBENDING EQUIPMENT with changeable tool for production of different steel cold-formed profiles including the profiles for mounting of right-angled air flues.

  4. AUTOMATED LINE FOR PRODUCTION OF BOTTLE SCREW-TOPS (vodka). The productiveness is 300 pcs/min. The ground square for line installation is 6x12 meters.

  5. LINE FOR PRODUCING OF MEDICAL GAUZE-PLASTER BANDAGES. Overall dimensions of rolls of discharged bandages: diameter - 60mm, width – up 60mm to 150mm. The line processes one gauze roll with 1000mm of diameter and 1000mm of width per shift. The line overall dimensions: length – 10000mm x 1500mm x 2000mm. The ground square is 6x12m.

  6. UNIT FOR SHEET METAL REALIGNMENT (flattening) of details which are made by blanking, cutting or chipping of steel sheet including heat-treated or peened details.

  7. UNIT FOR CUTTING AND BENDING and also bead forming, flanging, collaring, riffling, punching at producing of details of sheet material with ultimate strength = 500MN/m2. And as well as, this unit is right for producing details of bar and different profiles made by cold bending and chipping.

  8. UNIT FOR SECONDARY PROCESSING OF PLASTIC (tearing machine intended for secondary processing of plastic by crushing (pieces of size up to 400x350x300mm are processed to fractions of size up 10 to 15mm.)

  9. ROD MACHINE is for producing of wooden rods of diameter up 20 to 50mm.
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