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Our company offers you own production:
flexible hermetic pleated air flues, galvanized steelround air flues, and alsospiral wrap hosesP3-ЦХ type.

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Выпускаемая продукция

Flexible hermetic pleated air flues
Round cross-section air flues are used for air mix transference by air ventilation and conditioning systems in quarters of industrial and civic buildings and also out-of-doors (according to existed Fire Certificate.

Nonhermetic spiral wrap hoses, P3-ЦХ type, according to Specification (TY) 22-55-70-93.
The spiral wrap hoses of galvanized steel band (also possible other types of band as agreed with customer) are used for protection of cords, cable and etc. from mechanical damage, with temperature up to 300?C.

Galvanized steel round air flues of diameter up 100mm to 1250mm
are used for ventilation of industrial and living quarters, transportation of granular and powder materials, production of roof gullies, as well as for protection of heat-insulating layer of heating mains against atmospheric precipitates.

The production is always in stock in Ryazan storehouse

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