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About company

Our engineering and production organization works on the market of machine tool industry technologies since 1997 and engages in designing and production of optional equipment, know-how in machine tool industry.

Our equipment has the unique mobility and produced from materials which provide the fastness and reliability at running. Our machines do not need a lot of space and additional equipment. The machines work by using both imported and domestic raw stock. The equipment has efficient production and also fast recoupment because of low cost and great demand for the production manufactured by the implement.

You can see ready-made models of equipment in our production plant or in video cassette, which we can send you on request.

Станок для изготовления металлорукавов гибких негерметичных типа РЗ-ЦХ по ТУ 22-5570-93

We shall glad to see you as our customer. Our customers’ geography covers not only territory of Russia but also territory of the former Soviet republics.

We engineer and produce different special-purpose optional equipment for you by request.

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