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Our equipment has the unique mobility and produced from materials which provide the fastness and reliability at running. There is no need a large space and any additional equipment for our machines. The machines work by using both imported and domestic raw stock.

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Выпускаемое оборудование

Machine for aluminum flexible hermetic pleated air flues (gas flues) production, BAГГ type, according to Specification (TY) 4863-001-44922671-2002

Станок для изготовления воздуховодов (газоходов) гофрированных алюминиевых гибких герметичных типа ВАГГ по ТУ 4863-001-44922671-2002

The equipment has the Federal Institute for Industrial Property Certificate №17837.

The unit consists of:

  • lathe ;
  • automatic cutoff mechanism;
  • delivery table;
  • automatic tripper;
  • storage magazine;
  • compacting machine.

Technical specifications:

Nominal diameter of coiling air flues ДУ, mm 80-500
Width and thickness of strip, mm 50х0,1-0,15
Length of coiling air flues, m 0,5-5,0
Average performance, m /min 5,1
Drive power, kw 3,0
Count of length of coiling air flues noncontact sensor
Control manually by push-button station
Overall dimensions, mm 1600х700х1500
Weight, kg 950
Quantity of attendants, man/ shift 1
  • max. time of manufacture – 4 months
  • warranty service – 12 months
  • complete post-warranty service
  • free training of customer attendants at manufacturer territory
  • complete information about raw stock.

We design and produce different special-purpose equipment on your request.

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