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Our equipment has the unique mobility and produced from materials which provide the fastness and reliability at running. There is no need a large space and any additional equipment for our machines. The machines work by using both imported and domestic raw stock.

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Выпускаемое оборудование

Strip cutting machine – disk rotary shears

Станок для резки ленты — ножницы дисковые

The main purpose of the machine is metal cutting of normal coiled material for strips of different width, which are intended for production of spiral wrap hoses.

The main technical data and specifications

Designation of indexes measuring units Standard
Cutter Disk rotary knifes
Max. thickness of cutting metal, mm 1,0
Workpiece in reel:
  • width, mm
  • internal diameter, mm
  • external diameter, mm

  • max 233
  • 300
  • мах 700
Width of cut strips , mm At customer will
Cutting speed, m/min. 12
Installed power, kw 3
Power supply of ac network:
  • Voltage, V
  • requency Hz

  • 380 +10%/-15%
  • 50±2,5%
Overall dimensions, mm
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

  • 3400
  • 975
  • 1430
Weight, kg 780
  • max. time of manufacture – 4 months
  • warranty service – 12 months
  • complete post- warranty service
  • free training of customer attendants at manufacturer territory
  • complete information about raw stock

We design and produce different special-purpose equipment on your request.

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